Having a social media consultancy business or by just being a social media consultant faces many difficult challenges. You need to put in time and effort in the beginning by doing it effectively and with integrity; it’s just like any other business worth doing.

12 Steps to Become an Effective Social Media Consultant

1 – Look for a family member or friend who could use some help getting started in the Social Media sphere

  • Pick someone who doesn’t have a business
  • Help them get interested in something they love

2 – Pick a family member or friend with a business

  • You’re now going to help someone use Social Media professionally.
  • You’re going to offer to do this for free


3 – Plan out a path to Social Media success

  • I can’t teach you this, this has to come from within you
  • This is the part that you need to be amazing a

4 – Communicate Efficiently

  • You need to be clear and concise every step of the way.
  • If you have questions that need answered – make it easy for them to answer them.

5 – Track all your time spent

  • Discovering how long tasks take you is key to turning this into a business.
  • Pinpoint places that seem to be taking longer than they should be

6 – Keep a Journal

  • You need to write down what is working and what isn’t.
  • Write out the processes and steps you take to complete all tasks.

7 – Decide what Metrics you’ll use to measure success

  • There are plenty of aspects to measure a Social Media campaigns success, so pick the ones that make the most sense.
  • Possibly, illustrate how it’s lowered Customer Service time, or Salesman time.

8 – Set up a Monitoring Dashboard

  • Develop something that you can use to track and showcase the results.

9 – Results

  • You’re doing these first ones for free so you can start to get paid. The only way a customer will keep

10 – Do this for at least 3 more businesses

  • You want to be an expert at this.  There’s no point in building this business if you’re not going to be the best.

11 – Start your Business/Blog/Website and your OWN Social Media campaign

  • Go back to your journal you kept, and pull out the best bits and write about them.
  • Give away all the knowledge you’ve learned.  Teach others how to do what you’re doing.

12 – Get to know other amazing Social Media Consultants

  • You still have lots to learn.
  • Meeting others in your field of expertise, and being friends with them, will help you feel better about what you’re doing

You need to do a lot of work if you want to become a social media consultant. You really need to be prepared for it and know what you are doing. The one you help in the beginning will be your biggest fans.


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