Some social marketers actually love analytics and some others who write status updates, marketing copy or create communities using social networks just love statistics. It is in our nature as social people to be sociable and that’s build us fine at social media. Analytical thinking must be at hand in every social media professionals and to the social media marketers too.

Goals and Objectives & goals set Social Media Marketer Apart as Professionals

Social media marketers have objectives and goals and are held liable for generating definite results. They need easy tools that will help them justify their time and marketing direction for their clients. They need those tools to help them course correct and it is very necessary for them to move towards their goals and objectives. Social media marketers also needs powerful but easy to use tool set to measure and monitor online activity.

Social media is communal. It’s concerning people. It’s with reference to attaining others to see a little bit of them in a social media marketer. It’s about being friends. It’s about building a community. It’s about changing followers into fans of their brand, product or service. It’s about being genuine and authentic. It’s a people business and as people, the majority of are driven more by emotion than actual facts. Every good sales person knows this. How people feel about their brand is critical.

Most of the time, people don’t know why they respond to things or what they are actually revealing through their responses. The truth is, it doesn’t really matter either. Social media marketers just need to know how to create the right stimulus that people will respond to and how to create the right emotional attachments to the brand.  They also want to write in a way that allows people to create mental anchors to the brand. But first, they have to give them a reason to listen and to care. That starts with a social media marketer that he must have to care first and must be genuine about it.

Social media is not a megaphone

In social media one-way marketing messages will not work, discussion does. To have an already established brand that has been running a successful traditional marketing campaign for a long number of years or a news service and even for many of those brands finds a way to get around that dilemma. They are all successful in the social media space because they are responsive and conversational.

Be an excellent anchor

Twitter and the likes are just like a talk show in many ways. Social media marketers have to relate with their audience and that means that social media marketers must shatter the fourth wall. Talking to people is not social rather talking with people is the social one. It’s not networking. It’s advertising. Advertising is also good but that’s not the purpose of a Twitter account or even a Facebook page. They are PR tools and the social media marketer act as the spokesperson.

Think about going to a party and not listening or responding to conversation. Twitter and Facebook are the same way. The job of a social media marketer is to assemble a mob. That means being funny, witty and interesting.


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