In the United States everyone is used of having Internet at our fingertips. With the use of modern technologies such as smart phones, internet is just a click away. But never has it crossed our minds that everyone is fortunate enough to make use of this not only to connect to our friends and family but also find the perfect career for you.

A study was conducted in University of Maryland; it found out that Facebook had contributed over 182,000 new jobs USA .Through social media jobs, over $12.19 billion was benefited by the United States economy during 2011. And it is estimated that will continue to increase for the next 3-5 years through the help of social media services.

Social Media Jobs

The most popular social media sites are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, Photobucket, Flickr and etc. The increasing number of social media sites opens a positive opportunity for job seekers. This makes way for many social media jobs. Popularity of social media jobs are getting really hyped nowadays. The popularity of these social media jobs is because those are under the work-from-home category. It means anyone can earn a living through the comfort of their own home.

The world of marketing had extremely changed through the rise of social-media sites. Social media job opportunities are steadily increasing as more companies focus their hiring on skilled professionals who can make use of the innovative way of marketing through social media. They are looking for people who know how to create the perfect online buzz that will increase their business’ popularity.

Opportunities in United States

Many Americans are turning their hobby of blogging into a job can that are not only appealing but also have a promising high starting salary. It has been proven that social media jobs are now becoming the one of the highest salaried jobs in United States. Social media jobs could certainly pay better than any other part time jobs. It had become a new online home based business that make used of the popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to be used for business purpose globally.

Available jobs

There are several social media jobs available in any part of the United States. Few of them includes Social Media Coordinator, Sales And Marketing Consultant Job, Social Media Advertising Manager, Creative Art worker, Digital Communications Specialist,   Social Media Journalist, and other more

More about Social Media Jobs USA

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