Social media is considered as the latest magic bullet for different businesses and companies. It has been growing massively since 2010 in the UK. For some people, they consider social media as prospective to change power of relationships and interaction between the citizen and the state. On the other hand, others see it as a way to more effectively reach audiences and consumers in order to make use of these social media for commercial transactions.
             In UK, social media have now overtaken local directories such as Yellow Pages, Thomson and even the print advertising. Small businesses are now shifting their marketing in to an innovative way, making use of lower-cost media like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Either way, it’s clear that there are several job opportunities for social media professionals to make significant impacts in their field
Surely social media is taking over UK and it’s considered as one of the most important commercial marketing strategy, but most businesses don’t have the perfect person for this. This calls for a social media manager.
Social Media Manager UK Opportunities
Social media manager UK are in high demand and will be certainly increase for the next 5 years, which by that time Social Media is expected to reach $3.1 Billion per year. Several British businesses have employed social media managers UK. A study revealed that 69% of businesses will appoint a social media manager UK this year. 41 % of them are expected to hire more in the next 12 months.
Roles of a Social media manager UK
Being social media manager UK, you will be in control for developing advanced social media approaches and in dealing with the implementation of those approaches in behalf of the company or business. You are in charge of the day to day management of the businesses’ social presence and to work closely with all facets of the business.
Social media manager UK should develop effective benchmarks for determining the influence of social media. Also Social Media Manager UK is in charge in developing and implementing different social media strategies and keeps up-to-date in industries trends and innovation.
Social Media Manager UK will become the front liner of the business’ customer service in different social media sites.
Social Media Manager UK Salaries
Social media manager UK is a high paying job. According to the average for a Social Media Manager UK is £47,829 and even running up to £78,297. Other companies give a lot of benefits for social media managers. Some of them include attending to top venues, shows or events and even traveling internationally for networking and business meetings.
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