Social media jobs are one of the most exciting, up and coming sections of the job market all over the world right now. More and more businesses are starting to shift large sections of their marketing budgets from traditional online advertising like banner ads, PPC or SEO to social media marketing.

And it is creating online work opportunities for tens of thousands of ordinary web users.

You see social media marketing for business is not just as simple as creating a Facebook and Twitter page, putting up a couple of posts and then sitting back and waiting for thousands of fans to come in. Social media marketing is an ongoing process that takes time and dedication. You need to post regular updates 2-3 times per week, reply to customer comments, actively seek out and recruit new fans and followers and many other day to day tasks.

social media jobs

Business owners know that they need to be doing social media for their business, but they just don’t have the time or resources to take care of it properly themselves. Some bigger businesses hire a full time social media manager for their business, but most small to medium sized businesses couldn’t afford that.

So what they are doing instead is hiring normal web and social media users like you to do these social media jobs. Giant corporations that are running extensive advertising campaigns across dozens of social media platforms with complex tracking and user engagement studies need a trained and qualified social media manager. But most normal small to medium sized businesses just need someone who has good communication skills and knows how to use Facebook and Twitter.

Paid Social Media Jobs specialises in training complete beginners who have never done any type of marketing job before, and turning them into efficient and productive social media managers. We then connect them with employers through our social media job board and they can get hired to do simple social media jobs such as:

  • Setting up a Facebook or Twitter page for a business
  • Posting regular status updates or tweets
  • Replying to customer comments
  • Uploading and commenting on videos
  • Getting more fans or followers
  • And many more easy social media tasks!

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